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Welcome to Healthy Soul

Happiness starts from within through holistic approach 

We believe that in order to be healthy and live happily we must have this balance of mind, body and soul through holistic approach.

Join our holistic wellness sessions below 

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“I would have never thought I would be  so in touch with mindfulness. 
Being an always-in-a-rush person, I usually never get to slow down and focus on myself. Having joined a vast variety of classes of Fergie, had made me do a 180° turn around. 
In case you are also open to learn not only about mindfulness, but also about yourself, I would 100% encourage you to start your journey with Fergie! ”

Kornel Toth, Hungarian

Lia Vicents .JPG

"I am beyond grateful to have had Fergie's sessions. She provides a safe and fun environment that is free of any judgement and full of growth opportunities. She has helped me be more connected to myself as well as to understand and make the best out of what mindfulness is. Great approach and teachings, really enjoyed her lessons."

Lia Vicens, Spain/Cuba


Fergie is a really good and kindhearted teacher. After each session ( including sound bath, yoga and meditation ), I felt super relaxed and recharged. 10/10

Remco Schilder,  Netherlands

Laurence .JPG

I joined Fergie her sound healing and yoga session with interest, learning about yoga, sound healing, and everything else that connects to those areas. It has been a time of interesting learnings. I want to thank her since the sound therapy helped me gain my balance and was definitely worth my time.

Laurence Van S, Netherlands

Rung .JPG

" I found the 1-on-1 class with Fergie very helpful I think it is by far one of the best ‘self-help’ class I have taken. The class had a great mix of practice and theory, and it felt more like a conversation not a lecture at all, which is good because it’s very flexible to adapt to our needs. I feel like I’ve learned a lot more about mindfulness and the different ways of meditation. I found Fergie really easy to talk to and she definitely created a safety environment for me to open up. I’m really glad I started taking meditation classes with her because I definitely understand myself better and meditation has become a part of my morning routine now."

Rung R, Thailand

Neily .jpg

 "I took and introduction to sound healing workshop. Fergie's approach to the subject was easy to follow and practical, something that I can add into my daily self-care routine. A wonderful experience!"

Neily, Netherlands


"I highly recommend a reiki session with Fergie. My first time with her was very relaxing and restorative which was exactly what I needed on that day. I could senses clean clean and healing energy running through my body. I felt much lighter and more centered with my inner peace afterwards. Surprisingly, what used to annoy me so easily no longer had that power over me. She gave me tips on healthy diet which works well with me too! Fergie's wisdom on a holistic self-care will definitely benefit anyone who wants to give something good to their body & soul!"

Prae Ontira, Thailand


"As a beginner, learning about mindfulness, yoga and manifestation can feel overwhelming, but not when Fergie is guiding you. She is a wonderful passionate teacher, who has learned me to to pay attention to my own body and mind. She teaches in a way that makes it easy to fin your own way in becoming mindful and present."

Candance, Netherlands


"I join four sessions of Fergie's Yoga classes because of my study and it was amazing. She's a lovely yoga teacher and helped us individually how to improve the posture and meditation, as well as asking questions and giving tools to enhance the general life quality."

Carolin, Netherlands

Christian Adrian De Vera, Thailand

"It was my time to do this Reiki and I had no idea about it. However, during the session I felt that I was in a very calm and half - asleep state and afterwards I felt so relaxed and re-energized. Thank you very much Fergie."

Christian Adrian De Vera, Thailand

Mohamad _edited.jpg

"We concluded month-long yoga classes offered by Stenden Thailand within the Mindful Leadership academic minor and facilitated by Fergie. Yoga by professional yoga instructor Fergie improved my strength, balance, and flexibility made me more relaxed, energised me mentally and physically, made my moods better, helped reduce stress, and taught me more about self-care. Yoga added significant values in my life by improving stress management, mental health, and mindfulness and boosting alertness and enthusiasm."

Mohammed Mostafa, Qatar


"I had my first yoga and mindful manifestation experience with Fergie during a minor I followed for my study. Fergie is such a lovely person and she makes you feel comfortable during the sessions. She inspired me to keep doing what I do and never let go on yourself. I can highly recommend Fergie and her inspiring classes."

Ilsa Heuver, Netherlands


"I booked a first session of reiki with Fergie without having too much expectation and I was amazed with the level of relaxation, emotional well-being and pure stress release I got from it right away. I'm very excited to starting new journey with a special thanks to Fergie for initiating me to this rejuvenating healing and powerful process."

Marc B, Canada

Leigh .webp

"I did my first reiki session with Fergie and it was a wonderful experience. She customised the session for me and I left with a new senes of calm."

Leigha Procter, USA

Sandy .webp

"I had two amazing session with Fergie. This is something new that I have started this year in 2020.I was quite skeptical at first but I am open minded so I wanted to experienced something new with no preconception. I have been totally surprised in a positive way on how reiki works on my body and mind. Fergie is a very good Reiki practitioner and would guide you through this wellness experience. I am suffering myself from chronic migraine, insomnia and backache I have to admit it helps me to feel better."

Sandy Huclin, France

  • Yoga for all ages

    Starting THB 2,500
  • Sound healing with Tibetan bowls for private session or groups

    Starting THB 2,500
  • Private session integrated with crystal and singing bowls

    Starting THB 3,500
  • Course sound healing for beginners


    Starting THB 5,500
  • Kids yoga private session or groups with singing bowls

    Starting THB 3,500
  • Nourish you health with the right food for you

    Starting THB 3,500
  • Mindfulness and Stress Release Workshop Mindfulness Yoga/Sound Bath/Me...

    Starting THB 18,000
  • Holistic Wellness Plan including Nutrition and Lifestyle

    Starting THB 4,500
  • Meditation session combines breathing techniques with singing bowls.

    Starting THB 2,500
  • Both online and offline course for mindfulness meditation

    Starting THB 12,000
  • Introduction to mindfulness manifestation for beginners

    Starting THB 12,000
  • Introduction to Crystal Sound Healing


    15,000 Thai baht
  • How to create your group sound bath for beginners

    10,000 Thai baht
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