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Thank you for trusting Healthy Soul to be part of this wonderful journey together.
Stay healthy mind body and soul

Jennifer .jpg

Jennifer G, Sweden

I booked a session with Fergie for my mother. Fergie was very good at making my mother feel calm and relaxed. My mother was very happy with the session.


Marc B, Canada

I booked a first session of reiki with Fergie without having too much expectation and I was amazed with the level of relaxation, emotional well-being and pure stress release I got from it right away. I'm very excited to starting new journey with a special thanks to Fergie for initiating me to this rejuvenating healing and powerful process.

Narisa .jpg

Narisa KJ, Thailand

"Never had a reiki session before, I had no idea what to expect so joined with open mind. During the session I feel at ease and felt very relax."

Phuong Le.jpg

Phuong Le, Switzerland

I can only recommend Fergie. Had a reiki session with her and I felt so relaxed afterwards. She is very caring, kind and sweet and I felt very comfortable with her.

Leigh .jpg

Leigha Procter, USA

I did my first reiki session with Fergie and it was a wonderful experience. She customised the session for me and I left with a new senes of calm.

Jutamanee .jpg

Jutamanee L, Thailand

First time having reiki with khun Fergie, I feel very relaxed with energy and feel active after the session, Thank you Fergie for a really good session.


Jeerawat P, Thailand

We had a yoga session together and I felt so relaxed and comfortable with her. She paid attention to my poses and corrected then in the nicest way possible. I didn't have the pressure to be right all the time compared to bigger classes. Plus her voice is amazing so relaxing and beautiful when guiding the poses.

Sandy .jpg

Sandy Huclin, France

I had two amazing session with Fergie. This is something new that I have started this year in 2020.I was quite skeptical at first but I am open minded so I wanted to experienced something new with no preconception. I have been totally surprised in a positive way on how reiki works on my body and mind. Fergie is a very good Reiki practitioner and would guide you through this wellness experience. I am suffering myself from chronic migraine, insomnia and backache I have to admit it helps me to feel better.

Yuki T.jpg

Yuki T, Thailand

What a great feeling i had with Reiki. This is my first time. I feel very relaxing during the session. highly recommended!


Joobjiab V, Thailand

Fergie is such a caring & gentle person so this put me at ease and I felt very relaxed (time flies by so fast!). During my session, she was so presence and professional. For anyone who is needing some inner healing, go & have a session with Fergie.

Laetitia B, France .jpg

Laetitia V, France

Thank you very much Fergie You are a very good yoga teacher. Your lessons are amazing, and my girls and I feel so much better after! Thank you very much from your French supporters!

Kat Bunnag.jpg

Kat Bunnag, Thailand

I have my first reiki session with Fergie. I really not know what to expected and she made it one of the best experience for a first timer.

Jib Chaiya.jpg

Jib C, Thailand

I did my first reiki session with Fergie. It was a good experience that help me to relax and shed me some light at the end.

Khwunduen .jpg

Khwunduen B, Thailand

Fergie gave me the first introduction reiki since I never having had a reiki session before, I had no ideas what to expect so I went in with open mind. Fergie is such a gentle so put me at ease and I felt too relaxed, felt into deep sleep throughout the session and woke up with fresh and relaxed.

Thom .jpg

Thom T, Thailand

I did my first time Reiki with Fergie and it was totally my new experience for me. I never done it before I just get in the session without hight expectation but come out it's really relaxing feeling during and after the session.

Jane kanya.jpg

Kanya Jane, Thailand

My experience having a reiki session with Fergie was very comforting and transformative. I went in expecting myself totally in the present momen witut any distractions from my monkey mind... And what's more interesting to me was that after the session, I noticed other change that continued to unfold as the day goes. I felt a senses of calm, self-love and mental clarity. Fergie helped me understand my breathing pattern is connected to my anxiety and gave me some advice on breathing and meditating.

D8BF646F-1EE9-4B86-ADDE-0DF9F52E5CB9 (3).JPG

Mohammed Mostafa, Qatar

We concluded month-long yoga classes offered by Stenden Thailand within the Mindful Leadership academic minor and facilitated by Fergie. Yoga by professional yoga instructor Fergie improved my strength, balance, and flexibility made me more relaxed, energised me mentally and physically, made my moods better, helped reduce stress, and taught me more about self-care. Yoga added significant values in my life by improving stress management, mental health, and mindfulness and boosting alertness and enthusiasm.


Heleen De L, Netherlands

I strongly suggest Fergie's yoga classes! She instructed me yoga as part of my academic minor; I felt quite at east with her, and she makes everyone comfortable. After her ( online ) yoga courses, I felt really nice and relaxed, but also more flexible.


Niteesh Shakya, Napal

Never Done Reiki Before. It was my first ever experience. Fergie was very kind and calm. She personalized the program to cater to my first experience. It was amazing. I came with anxious feeling and left with calm and relaxing feeling. It was amazing experience. Well surely go for more sessions


Carolin Freking, Netherlands

I joined four sessions of Fergie's yoga classes because of my study and it was amazing. She's a lovely yoga teacher and helped us individually how to improve the posture and meditation, as well as asking questions and giving tools to enhance  the general life quality.


Fardau Klopstra, Netherlands

I've had several yoga and meditation classes with Fergie, and my experience has been great! I love how the focus of the classes lies with the balance and calmness, rather than just difficulty and performance. Even for someone who isn't familiar with yoga the classes were really helpful.


Ilsa Heuver, Netherlands

I had my first yoga and mindful manifestation experience with Fergie during a minor I followed for my study. Fergie is such a lovely person and she makes you feel comfortable during the sessions. She inspired me to keep doing what I do and never let go on yourself. I can highly recommend Fergie and her inspiring classes.

Leandra Germany.jpg

Leandra Bude, Germany

I had several yoga and mindful manifestation classes with Fergie as part of my minor. Fergie is a kind and inspiring person who is really focused on helping you to improve and connect with yourself, so you can reach your goals and become a better person. I really enjoyed all the classes I had with her and would highly recommend working with her!

Madelon Gardien, Nethelands .jpg

Madelon G, Netherlands

Fergie instructed me yoga as part of my academic minor Mindful Leadership. I recommend yoga with Fergie to anyone who wants to take yoga classes in a pleasant and professional way. I found each lesson to have a fine structure with personal attention for individual level. Afterwards I experienced every lesson a gift with good attention for body and mind.

Christian Adrian De Vera .jpg

Christian Adrian De Vera, Thailand

It was my time to do this Reiki and I had no idea about it. However, during the session I felt that I was in a very calm and half - asleep state and afterwards I felt so relaxed and re-energized. Thank you very much Fergie.

Rosy .JPG

Rosey S, Thailand

I did my first reiki session with Fergie and it was very relaxed and after the session I feel very refresh and feel really good to start a new day.


Candace, Netherlands

As a beginner, learning about mindfulness, yoga and manifestation can feel overwhelming, but not when Fergie is guiding you. She is a wonderfully passionate teacher, who has learned me to pay attention to my own body and mind. She teaches in way that makes it easy to find your way in becoming mindful and present. Thank you again, hope to see you in Thailand someday! :)


Isabella, Netherlands

I really liked the classes and also Fergie's energy! It was very interesting to learn new things about meditation, manifestation and yoga. And it was a lot of fun to try yoga at first :)


Tangmo, Thailand

I did my first reiki session with Ferige and very wonderful experience. She customized the session for me. I felt really relax and calm.


Willemijn, Netherlands

I really like Fergie's classes because they were easy to follow, interesting, and for all levels of experience sutable.


Veerle Th, Netherlands

I really liked the yoga and meditation classes! It was a new experience but it was very nice. It was emotional but comforting and comfortable. It felt really good to do some yoga and meditation.

Neily .jpg

Nellie, Netherlands

The session with Fergie was really great, we talked about it afterwards and I think everyone felt like we were happy have a moment of realization and grounding. Personally I found it inspiring an after the session realized it would be great thing to integrate in my life, so thanks for that :)

Rung .JPG

Rung R, Thailand

 I took Fergie’s Introduction to Sound Healing workshop, and it was the highlight of my whole week! I honestly didn’t know what to expect because I’ve never experienced any kind of sound therapy before. However, I’ve always been interested in it and knew that by having a foundation in using Tibetan bowls, it could help me in my daily life, especially when it comes to meditation and sleep. Fergie’s class was very practical and easy to follow. I loved how the workshop was small because it allowed everyone to freely ask questions, open up and learn from one another. The class was really fun because we were able to exchange ideas and I learned many interesting facts! At the end of the workshop, there was a surprise where Fergie gave us a sound bath which was such a magical experience. I recently took a Meditation course with Fergie and now Sound healing. I can say from my experience that Fergie is amazing, very open-minded, and a very considerate person. She explained everything and answered all of our questions well 


Chawimon L, Thailand

I took an introduction to sound healing workshop. Fergie's approach to the subject was easy to follow and practical, something that I can add into my daily self-care routine. A wonderful experience!

P' Noi.JPG

Teepapin K, Thailand

I took an Introduction to sound healing course with Fergie, it was a great and fun experience for me. Fergie helped me understand how to use singing bowl with daily life and mindfulness meditation with many tips of self care. I really enjoy the class and I will start to take care myself by using my lovely Tibetan bowl which helped me to become in the present moment.


Mai Mai, UK

After having the one-on-one class, I found myself wanting to learn more about mindfulness and meditation. Fergie is such a warm, knowledgeable and approachable person; she personalizes and tailors the session based on the individual and teaches in an informal and fun way. She creates such a safe environment and made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested regardless of what background you have!


Sasi, Thailand

I feel Fergie class is very friendly and easy to follow. This is good for me to have fundamental of sound healing which will be helpful for me to continue for level 2 in the future.

Krit .JPG

Koranit M, Thailand

I took a sound healing course with Fergie and felt so calm & relaxed. This class was inspiring and beyond my expectation. Thank you Fergie for being such a wonderful teacher and teaching me this session.

Jesica .JPG

Jesica L, Argentina

I attended Fergie's Sound Healing Course and besides being really happy about everything I've learnt, I'm still amazed by my experience during the sound bath manifestation meditation at the end of the class. I've never felt that before and can't describe it in any other way than just saying that it was powerful. Fergie's cues guided me into a whole new level for me. Thank you, Fergie for sharing your knowledge with us and for such beautiful experience.

Siri .JPG

Siri, Thailand

I've discovered Khun Gee's instagram by accident. I decided to reach out to her and didn't regret it. We first had a coffee and getting to know each other. Her positive energy has inspired me in so many ways. She has affirmed me encouraged me to keep practicing in this spiritual path. Thank you for being part of my journey and showing me how to stay positive.

Erik .jpg

Erik P, Netherlands

Mindful yoga and mindful manifestation classes with Fergie were very inspiring, interactive and fun to do. With her expertise she has given me a positive impact on my life by making me aware of daily habits and thinking methods. Putting the theories into practice with her guidance has helped me grow and improve as a person and I am grateful for that experience.


Steijn T, Netherlands

I have joined three yoga, and manifestation sessions with Fergie. She introduced me to yoga and manifestation sessions because I had never done it before. It was amazing I learned so much and she really opended my eyes and I am going to bring the knowledge I got into my daily life and right now I have a base that I can expand.


Frederik Diekmann, Germany

Fergie is a very professional person. During the three courses she gave us, she combined fun, exercise and knowledge to teach about chakra, mindfulness practices and how to understand ourselves better. I learned a lot in these lessons that will help me become a more powerful and mindful leader in my future!

Myrthe Nijdam .JPG

Myrthe Nijdam, Netherlands

I'm really thankful for all the knowledge that Fergie shared. It got me interested in yoga, mindfulness and manifestation again. I'll take this with me when I'm back in the Netherlands and hope to come closer to myself as a person by practicing the things that you taught. Thank you for this experience!

Elizabeth .JPG

Elizabeth, Bulgaria

I'm more than grateful for the opportunity that I had to meet Fergie and learn from her knowledge! She has a magnificent personal approach, which helped me grow and find answer within myself.


Rushika Shah, India

I really learn and experienced a deep relaxation about the sound healing with healthy soul. My teacher has been absolute fantastic providing deeper knowledge about the different sounds and how amazing your body feels the energy. It was an incredible experience. Thank you so much :)

Mai H, Vietnam .jpg

 Mai Huynh, Vietnam 

Me and my boyfriend Tay had a wonderful trip in Bangkok to study with Healthy Soul. Really thank you our teacher - Fergie the one help us understand and playing singing bowl so well now. She helped us feel very good about the bowl and vibration. We studied many things, book is good lesson is so fun and teacher is so cute. We will be back to Healthy Soul - Bangkok to learn more and play more. This is a wonderful place. Thank you very much.

Svetlana .JPG

Svetlana Kaivalya, Founder of Shantika

Thanks so much to a beautiful Fergie Healthy Soul for her guidance and support! She created a great course for me to develop and bloom my Sound Healing Sanctuary on Samui. It was very an interesting and useful and brought a lot of inspiration and knowledge. Thanks for sharing! Appreciate very much :)

Stay healthy mind, body and soul through holistic approach with us.

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