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Corporate Wellness Workshop

Mindfulness and Stress Release Workshop Mindfulness Yoga/Sound Bath/Meditation/Journaling

  • 2 hours
  • Starting THB 22,000
  • Online, clients' place or at the studio

Service Description

Fergie’s yoga sessions is combined with the technique of breathing integrated with Himalayan sound and mindfulness. Uplifting mood before and during the session; after the session you will feel more connected with your body, together to calm your thoughts and be more mindful. This practice will help improve flexibility, build muscle strength, and boost up your immune system. the focus is on mind-body awareness, as opposed to alignment details and the exact physical posture. Bringing mindful awareness to any physical activity creates an alert focus to whatever you are doing in that exact moment, thereby transforming the movement into a form of meditation. Fergie’s meditation session combines breathing techniques integrated with the soft sounds of singing bowls both Tibetan & Crystal bowls. Focusing and drawing the guest back to be in the present moment. This meditation session involves deep breathing and heightening one’s awareness of body and mind. During the session they will feel a strong sense of calm and relaxation, both mentally and physically.

Contact Details Bangkok, Thailand

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